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Having made our name in the game of quick and simple file-sharing, WeTransfer has grown into a collection of tools designed for and inspired by the creative process. As we continue to evolve, creativity remains at the heart of everything we do. Because while not every idea will change the world, every world-changing idea has to start somewhere.

~70M monthly users in 190 countries
~2B files transferred monthly
200+ employees
4M monthly WePresent readers
30% of ad space donated
80 NPS score

Good ideas deserve good company, and as a certified B Corporation we strive to use our business as a force for positive change. From campaigning for issues like net neutrality and mental health to wiping out $30 million of medical debt for those in need, we’re committed to a better internet and a better world for everyone. We guess that’s why Fast Company calls us one of the 10 most innovative social good companies.

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    WeTransfer partners with Headspace to forgive $30 million of medical debt in Los Angeles

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    WeTransfer takes responsible tech seriously, rolling out new features to keep things simple, secure and safer than ever

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  • WeTransfer campaign features voices against gun violence

    WeTransfer takes a stand against gun violence, calling for reform in solidarity with March for Our Lives

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  • WeTransfer campaign features person in lake

    WeTransfer donates 500 million advertising impressions to support independent creatives during the COVID-19 crisis

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Every year we ask thousands of people about their creative ideas. Let’s see what 2020 has to say for itself.


Need an a-ha moment to get things flowing (or a moment of distraction before you get going)? Our editorial platform WePresent dives into the best art, photography, music and more from every corner of the globe.


We donate 30% of our advertising space to artists we admire and causes we care about. The rest is for award-winning ads people actually want to see.

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