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Without doubt, nothing changes.

We all have doubts. But where do they belong? Are they meant to be shrugged off, cast aside, aired in a fleeting rant?

Isn’t it time we turned them into something useful?

Because the way we see it, if you have doubts, you have ideas. If you have doubts, those ideas are going places—like figuring-out-bread-is-better-sliced kinds of places.

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So question everything. Tear apart your ideas. Build them, break them, mould them, shape them, then send them on their way. But most importantly keep doubt coming.

Because without it, you aren’t thinking big enough.

Doubt everything but your tools

What better way to channel doubt than trying to pitch, plan, and produce this video in the midst of a pandemic? See how our tools helped us transform a single idea into something worth sharing.

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Every idea starts somewhere

WeTransfer was founded in 2009 as the simplest way to send big files around the world. Today we’re a set of beautifully obvious tools designed to take care of other tricky bits of the creative process.

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