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We’ve always done things a little differently around here

Whether that’s being the simplest way to send big files from A to B, pioneering our own award-winning advertising platform or donating 30% of that ad revenue to support artists we admire and causes we care about.

Why? Maybe it’s because we’re creatives at heart. Maybe it’s because we’re Dutch. Or maybe it’s because we believe every idea has the potential to change the world (and we could all use a little change).

People might say we’re a tech company, we prefer ideas business.

As a certified B Corporation, we strive to use our business as a force for good. From campaigning for issues like net neutrality and mental health to wiping out $30 million of medical debt for those in need, we’re committed to a better internet and a better world for everyone. We guess that’s why Fast Company calls us one of the 10 most innovative social good companies.

We’ve come a long way since 2009, but creativity remains the common thread in everything we do. And while Marvel might not be rushing to produce a feature film about a humble set of online tools, it’s a start.

And every world-changing idea has to start somewhere.

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    WeTransfer partners with Headspace to forgive $30 million of medical debt in Los Angeles

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    WeTransfer takes responsible tech seriously, rolling out new features to keep things simple, secure and safer than ever

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    WeTransfer donates 500 million advertising impressions to support independent creatives during the COVID-19 crisis

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